Level 7 of Sapien

We have arrived at the beginning of the next level. History has recorded life in the Ice Age, the Stone Age, the Iron Age and so forth. The ever increasing speed of technological advances has brought us to the Cyber Age.

We are now entering an age where the computing and idea advancements allow us to interact within cyberspace more efficiently than in physical space. This is no accident nor a passing fad. Distance does not have to be a factor in face to face interactions. We can now interact REGARDLESS of space.

We also have the opportunity to use this new tool to correct some weaknesses of the current way of doing things. Blockchain technology is a certifying gift that solves age old issues. This and other upcoming tech will take us to the next level.

Of course the established population will and has deemed this a fad or some sort of game or witchcraft. That dismissal is typical throughout history when something new or radical is on the horizon. Instead of being robust and adapting with the NEW, its commonly frowned upon and vilified.

Have you noticed how the automobile and petrol industry has done everything in their power to thwart the growth or advantages of electric vehicles? It threatens those who resist positive change. ANY change to their way of doing business or beliefs is not wanted.

The old way of doing business and daily living in general has changed. We used to travel and commute to the workplace every day at a non-efficient rate. Well times have changed. Maybe, we should say evolved.

We are not saying their time honored beliefs are a bad thing. It has/had its place in getting to where we are today. But evolution happens whether you like it or not. That’s a fact. And it generally is a benefit to the health, wellbeing and prolonging of the species.

Evolution is a reality that’s part of making us/things more survivable and provides for sustained growth of the strongest.

The recent and current pandemic though tragic is just another way of nature to spur change or evolution. Because of that experience we now realized we really could do business without the majority of the commuting back and forth. We used technology to keep things going with online meetings and other off-site or decentralized methods. Evolution.

The current swing in the cost of petrol or fossil fuel has forced the industry who were resistant to change and in denial about the efficiency of electrification of vehicles to rethink their models. Evolution.

We cannot say that any of the old ways are bad or even wholly inefficient. They have their place in our lives. Without them or their dated methods we wouldn’t be in a position to evolve to the next level. There wouldn’t be an Iron Age without the Bronze Age.

All that being said, we welcome the new Cyber Age. The age of the Metaverse, Cyber currency, Blockchain Technologies and all the forthcoming advances.

This is why we are the 7th level of Sapiens. Not really sure if its actually the seventh or later, but let’s just say that we are in a current state of advancement on so many different levels. This seventh level in my humble opinion is a great one that holds plenty of gifts not only physical, but metaphysical and conceptual.

Sapien Primo