What if…

Some would have you think that we are the center of the Universe. That we are the only intelligent beings out there and that we are Supreme. I don’t argue the fact that we are supreme but no more than some other creatures, in their own way.

But what if WE are just

A quark

That’s part of an electron or proton

That’s part of an atom

That’s in a molecule

That’s in a cell

That’s in an organism

That’s in a being or object

That’s on land or at sea

That’s on a planet

That’s in a solar system

That’s in a galaxy

That’s in a constellation

That’s in a universe

That’s part of it ALL


Hmmm. That makes us special as we are part of it ALL, part of the whole and part of each other. To us our size or significance seems huge. However, it COULD all be a part of something much larger. I’m sure we are. Supreme, none the less.


Sapien Primo